Rock N Roll!

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My Daughter Rhianna made this animated short. It pretty much sums up how it feels to play a Scarlett amp loudly.

Rock n Roll from Rhianna James on Vimeo.


New 200 watt all tube handmade Bass Heads Now Available!

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200 Watt all tube, all handmade, Bass Amp $2100
200 Watt White Knight

This Amplifier dares to go where other boutique manufacturers dare not go. This is based on my extremely versatile and popular bass preamp. Add in a punchy driver section and 4 bad ass KT88 output tubes shoveling the fury through a hefty transformer on the way to brutalize and sooth your very soul. When the preamp is turned to less aggressive settings it is a beautiful round clean tone. Start to wind up the preamp knob and more compression comes in to a silky smooth full tone. Go even farther and the attack starts to clip in a very musical way while the low end stays solid and awe inspiring! You will really fill the whole room with this amplifier!
Available for order with your choice of colors for $2100.


Custom Shop

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Screamer 70′s available in custom colors! Get yours today!


Bass Preamps now available with Custom Colors!

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Just a quick reminder that Scarlett Amplification is a complete Custom Shop!


Faster Than Hell made an ass kicking video!

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Faster Than Hell Nothing to Lose from Anthony Ladesich on Vimeo.

Featuring Mike Rooney on the Les Paul into Scarlett Amplifier #2, The Rhianna model. Mike Farren on bass is using a warhorse old 70′s Ampeg SVT that i rebuilt and tuned and my brother Ryan Marchman is on drums. Kriss Ward is hollering sweet nothings at you while you get your face blown off. Anthony Ladesich is the film maker and also a proud owner of two Scarlett amps. The El Pastor 2×10 combo is a sweet little 18 watt amp with 6v6′s and he also commissioned me to build a 25 watt head for him last year.
Find Faster Than Hell on the web at

You can find Tony Ladesich at Mile Deep Films and Television at


New Photos and some News.

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Hey Everybody it’s been awhile since I updated. I’ve just been so busy that i didn’t realize it had been so long.
I had the opportunity to have some High Quality photos taken of some amps and Ryan Marchman did an amazing job.

I have introduced a couple new amps and this one is one of my favorites.
The Mini Scarlett. 15 watts or 7 watts selectable w/ switch. Gain,tone and master volume controls, Fat or bright voicing switch, 4,8,16 ohm speaker selector, 2 6v6 power tubes and 2 12ax7′s hand built by me. Very reasonably priced at $900


Premier Guitar Magazine reviews the Scarlett Screamer 70!

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Awhile back I was contacted by Premier guitar magazine to send them an amp for review. Since i was right in the middle of developing the Screamer 70 i told them they would have to wait a couple months and i would send them my brand new model.
Here is the result, The Scarlett Screamer 70 review in the October 2010 issue of Premier Guitar
Scarlett Amplifiers Screamer 70 Amp Review


Scarlett Screamer 70

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This Amplifier is the New Flagship of Scarlett Amplification. It is a 70 watt single channel amp with an extremely aggressive nature. I really put a lot of time into crafting the way this amp FEELS when you play it. It has the following controls, Preamp gain, Master volume, treble, mids, bass and presence. The preamp gain control goes from clean to saturated without any annoying fizz, just beautiful harmonics with a 3D swirling feel. The Master volume sounds great at low levels and really allows full control over the 70 raging watts unleashed by the dual 6550′s in the power section. The tone controls are tailored to allow a perfect level of control of the entire tonal spectrum. The mids control allows for wide ranging tone tailoring from semi scooped to classic rock and metal tones. The bass knob ensures a tight and fat sound regardless of speaker or guitar choice. The power section is a mighty pair of Tung Sol 6550 tubes in class A/B for fat mighty roaring crunch. Of course the output impedance is selectable between 4/8/16 ohms to allow easy matching to any common speaker cabinet. When you plug in and wind this one up, you will feel like the King of the world! Of course no expense is spared in the construction, and whenever possible USA components are used for Awesome tone and Future reliability.
Now Available for order at $1825.


New Combo Amp Complete!

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Scarlett Screamer 20
The Scarlett Screamer 20 is complete. Price $1499. its loaded with two Eminence Governor speakers, 20 watts of class a/b power from two 6v6′s in fixed bias, controls include gain, volume, treble, mids, bass, and presence. Dont let the 20 watt power rating fool you, its plenty loud enough for rehearsals and gigs if mic’d up. The Eminence speakers were chosen for their high sensitivity rating of 102 db! this makes 20 watts able to produce more than ample spl levels and have that great tone of a cranked amp!

Heres a slideshow with a few more photos!


New Amplifier in developement!

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Hello, i have begun development and construction of a new 20 watt amplifier. it will be a 2×12 combo with high gain. I made a photo slideshow of its construction on the sights page, so go check it out and find out how all Scarlett amps are made!

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