Scarlett Screamer 70

Posted by admin on Mar 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

This Amplifier is the New Flagship of Scarlett Amplification. It is a 70 watt single channel amp with an extremely aggressive nature. I really put a lot of time into crafting the way this amp FEELS when you play it. It has the following controls, Preamp gain, Master volume, treble, mids, bass and presence. The preamp gain control goes from clean to saturated without any annoying fizz, just beautiful harmonics with a 3D swirling feel. The Master volume sounds great at low levels and really allows full control over the 70 raging watts unleashed by the dual 6550′s in the power section. The tone controls are tailored to allow a perfect level of control of the entire tonal spectrum. The mids control allows for wide ranging tone tailoring from semi scooped to classic rock and metal tones. The bass knob ensures a tight and fat sound regardless of speaker or guitar choice. The power section is a mighty pair of Tung Sol 6550 tubes in class A/B for fat mighty roaring crunch. Of course the output impedance is selectable between 4/8/16 ohms to allow easy matching to any common speaker cabinet. When you plug in and wind this one up, you will feel like the King of the world! Of course no expense is spared in the construction, and whenever possible USA components are used for Awesome tone and Future reliability.
Now Available for order at $1825.

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