New 200 watt all tube handmade Bass Heads Now Available!

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200 Watt all tube, all handmade, Bass Amp $2100
200 Watt White Knight

This Amplifier dares to go where other boutique manufacturers dare not go. This is based on my extremely versatile and popular bass preamp. Add in a punchy driver section and 4 bad ass KT88 output tubes shoveling the fury through a hefty transformer on the way to brutalize and sooth your very soul. When the preamp is turned to less aggressive settings it is a beautiful round clean tone. Start to wind up the preamp knob and more compression comes in to a silky smooth full tone. Go even farther and the attack starts to clip in a very musical way while the low end stays solid and awe inspiring! You will really fill the whole room with this amplifier!
Available for order with your choice of colors for $2100.

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