Pricing and Models

Scarlett Screamer 70
The Screamer 70 $1850
This Amplifier is the New Flagship of Scarlett Amplification. It is a 70 watt single channel amp with an extremely aggressive nature. I really put a lot of time into crafting the way this amp FEELS when you play it. It has the following controls, Preamp gain, Master volume, treble, mids, bass and presence. The preamp gain control goes from clean to saturated without any annoying fizz, just beautiful harmonics with a 3D swirling feel. The Master volume sounds great at low levels and really allows full control over the 70 raging watts unleashed by the dual 6550’s in the power section. The tone controls are tailored to allow a perfect level of control of the entire tonal spectrum. The mids control allows for wide ranging tone tailoring from semi scooped to classic rock and metal tones. The bass knob ensures a tight and fat sound regardless of speaker or guitar choice. The power section is a mighty pair of Tung Sol 6550 tubes in class A/B for fat mighty roaring crunch. Of course the output impedance is selectable between 4/8/16 ohms to allow easy matching to any common speaker cabinet. When you plug in and wind this one up, you will feel like the King of the world! Of course no expense is spared in the construction, and whenever possible USA components are used for Awesome tone and Future reliability.
The Mini Scarlett. 15 watts or 7 watts selectable w/ switch. Gain,tone and master volume controls, Fat or bright voicing switch, 4,8,16 ohm speaker selector, 2 6v6 power tubes and 2 12ax7′s hand built by me. $950 get it now!

Scarlett 20 watt
20 watt Series starting at $1200
I have two models in this series all sharing the same power section which is a cathode biased pair of 6v6s running in class AB.
The Scarlett Rock Machine adds a two channel non switching preamp, the first channel is just vol and tone controls for nice chimy cleans and grits up nicely when its wound up. The second channel adds a full tonestack and an extra stage of gain to the mix for nice crunch to lead tones. This amplifier also adds a unique attenuator circuit that adjusts the voltage to the output stage. this allows you to get old school non master volume crunch at bedroom levels and anything in between.

The Scarlett Tremolo is basically the same but the second channel has vol, tone, speed, and intensity controls for the tube driven swampy cool tremolo.this is the same amplifier i built for the Apocalypse Meow raffle for Abigail Henderson.

35 watt 2channel
The Scarlett Wildcatter 35 starting at $1300
This is a non master volume 4 el84 cathode biased power section with a two channel preamp. the first channel sports a vol, and a unique tone control to get chimy cleans to british inspired distortion. Channel Two sports a full tone stack and is voiced to get real mean! this is a lead guitarists dream rig! It also has a GZ34/5AR4 tube rectifier for fast attack and vintage feel.

The 50 watt Lead Specials start at $1500
Lets face it sometimes even though you know its overkill nothing but a big brute of an amp will get the tone and feel that suits you. Its just for that reason that i build these.
The Scarlett 50
The Scarlett 50 is a classic design tweaked and smoothed for awesome non master volume british kicks. it sports a pair of EL34 tubes running in fixed bias for bold and punchy response. Rectification is from four ultra fast diodes for low noise and fast response. two channels,four inputs and a shared tone stack make this classic design the choice for many guitarists. this amp has some great clean tones and excels in the middle zone where your picking and dynamics of your playing determine the distortion level of the amp. And of course if you dime it its a classic crunch!
The Scarlett 50A
the “A” is for attitude and this amplifier has it in spades! it shares the same loud, punchy, crunchy power section as the last amp but has cascaded gain stages for Classic rock to Metal tones as the gain control is wound up. A master volume is added to this amp as well. it has but a single channel for a stripped down rock machine, and as we all know less really is more! This is my personal favorite for lead guitar!


The Scarlett Darkheart starting at $1500
This amplifier is a very full sounding amp with a unique tone thanks in part to the use of KT66 output tubes in fixed bias and a very unique preamp with gain, bass, mids, treble , mid shift 6 position selector , drive, master volume, and presence controls. the best way to describe its tone is HUGE! Its not as gainy as the Scarlett 50A but has plenty of drive to really fill out a band. if you are the sole guitarist in a loud rock band i would recomend you give this a try as it is extremely flexible and will sound as fat and loud as two guitarists. the tone stack on this amplifier is a very effective and flexible James type design with an added midrange control allowing easy compensation for different guitars and rooms. this along with the 6 position switch makes this amp a jack of all trades and can make your pants flap from the shear volume and bass it can hurl upon the unsuspecting. it also takes effect pedals really well.

The Scarlett All Tube Bass Preamp starting at $500
A while back my bandmate was looking to buy a new bass amp after his solid state head bit the dust. it got me thinking after looking around for him about producing some high quality tube bass gear since it seemed no one was really filling that niche in the market. All bass gear these days seems to be transistorized, consumer grade, reconstituted junk that while is functional and affordable, is overcomplicated and prone to failure. i then set out to make something with astounding tone and affordability. the result is this preamp. it features two 12ax7 tubes in a rugged 2u high rack enclosure, gain,treble , mids, bass, 6 position mid shift switch and output volume. a ground lift and unbalanced 1/4 inch output jack on the back panel as well. You will feel the low end like never before when you run this preamp in your rig! the tone stack is super effective so it will be able to get the tone YOU WANT! believe me until you have played bass guitar through a vacuum tube amp you do not know what you are missing. it is also awesome for recording. have you ever tried to record your bass tracks and just couldnt get the low end to feel loud? or get lost in the mix everytime the guitars kick in? that will not happen with this unit.

All Scarlett amps come standard with your choice of colors and other cosmetic options. Some colors and options may result in a nominal upcharge to cover special order materials. also all Scarlett amps may be equipped with custom circuits including Footswitching,added gain,master volumes and variable wattage or other extra features so long as the design of the amp is able to support them. feel free to contact me Paul to discuss this personally.

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