While i love to custom build Scarlett Amplifiers, i also love a good challenge! If you have an old favorite amp thats seen better days bring it to me and it will be as good as new when you see it next. I can take care of anything from simple retube and bias jobs to total rebuilds for classic amps. Of course i only work on tube amps. Sorry i wont fix your solid state watchamacallit.

I am a dealer for New Sensor, Mojo Musical Supply, and CE Distribution featuring the following products, Electro Harmonix, Tung Sol, Gold Lion, Svetlana, Sovtek, Winged -C-, Valve Arts and JJ Tesla tubes.USA made Transformers from Heyboer, Magnetic Components, New Sensor, and Hammond. Speakers from Celestion, Eminence, and Jensen.

My rates for service and repair are quite reasonable

$55 first hour

$45 per additional hour billed per quarter hr.

parts are additional

I am a big believer in quality and also finding the ultimate value in components to keep your amp sounding great and reliable.

i do not believe in Snake oil and silly voodoo components whos only purpose is to cost you unnecessary money.

Please do contact me at for all your tube amp repairs.

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