My Daughter Rhianna made this animated short. It pretty much sums up how it feels to play a Scarlett amp loudly.

Rock n Roll from Rhianna James on Vimeo.

Faster Than Hell Nothing to Lose from Anthony Ladesich on Vimeo.

Featuring Mike Rooney on the Les Paul into Scarlett Amplifier #2, The Rhianna model. Mike Farren on bass is using a warhorse old 70′s Ampeg SVT that i rebuilt and tuned and my brother Ryan Marchman is on drums. Kriss Ward is hollering sweet nothings at you while you get your face blown off. Anthony Ladesich is the film maker and also a proud owner of two Scarlett amps. The El Pastor 2×10 combo is a sweet little 18 watt amp with 6v6′s and he also commissioned me to build a 25 watt head for him last year.
Find Faster Than Hell on the web at

You can find Tony Ladesich at Mile Deep Films and Television at

Heres a quick photo essay about the construction of a new Scarlett Screamer 20 watt high gain amp. it will be a 2×12 combo when its all done.

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